I’m the author of the Global Food Politics blog and the World Politics News Review blog.

Recent updates from Global Food Politics:

  • The Choc-o-pocalypse
    Cocoa pods on a tree (Image courtesy Wikipedia) The world’s leading chocolate companies are warning that global chocolate production may be unable to keep pace with demand, potentially leading to worldwide chocolate shortages by 2020. Last year, the world consumed about... Read more »
  • Labeling Added Sugars
    The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, or 75 pounds of sugar per person per year. This is because sugar is in almost everything. And yet the sugar industry continues to assert that there is no direct... Read more »
  • The Problem of Food Labeling in the United States
    John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight provided an absolutely stunning criticism of food labeling standards in the United States. The takeaway? “Clearly, we are now at a point where food companies feel no obligation to accurately represent what is in their... Read more »
  • Framing African Hunger
    Saturday Night Live last week screened a devastating critique of the charity industry, highlighting so many of the problems associated with these types of initiatives: the Western expert; the helpless “African;” the placeless “Africa;” and so many others. It’s well... Read more »
  • Why is Congress Promoting Global Hunger?
    Congress is considering re-imposing requirements that at least three-quarters of all US food aid be transported on American flagged ships. The requirement, which had been reduced to half of all US food aid by the Obama administration last year, is... Read more »

Recent updates from World Politics News Review:

  • Spying on Allies
    According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, the National Security Agency was listening in on the communications of Israeli leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during the Iranian nuclear program talks. It had been known that... Read more »
  • Has Boko Haram Been Defeated?
    In an interview with the BBC, Muhammadu Buhari, the President of Nigeria, asserted that Nigeria had “technically won the war” against the terrorist organization Boko Haram in the country. According to Buhari, Boko Haram could no longer mount “conventional attacks”... Read more »
  • Human Rights in War
    A new report by Amnesty International contends that Russia may have committed war crimes when it launched an airstrike on a market in Syria last week. According to the report, Russia may have killed as many as 200 civilians since... Read more »
  • Promoting Tolerance and Political Change…. Through Music?
    As the rhetoric surrounding the status of Syrian refugees in the United States and Europe continues to intensify, a handful of people are turning to music as a tool to attempt to bring a more civil tone to the discussions.... Read more »
  • Global Implications of Rising Interest Rates in the United States
    Markets around the world are watching the United States Federal Reserve Bank and its anticipated move to increase interest rates in the United States this afternoon. The Fed is widely expected to increase interest rates by .25 points today. For... Read more »