Noah Zerbe PhotoNoah Zerbe is Professor in the Department of Politics at Humboldt State University. He has served as the Interim Dean and Interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences,  Politics Department Chair, General Faculty President, and Chair of the University Senate. He is affiliated with the International Studies Program, the Environmental Studies Program, the Master of Arts in Social Science: Environment and Community Program, and the Master of Science: Energy, Environment, and Society Program. He also leads the Model United Nations program.

Prior to arriving at HSU, Dr. Zerbe spent two years as a post doctoral fellow at the Centre de Philosophie du Droit at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. He has also spent extensive time in Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Russia.

Prof. Zerbe’s research and teaching interests examine the material and ideational relations that surround the production and consumption of food. His work has focused on the question of regulatory food politics and of the debates that have surrounded agricultural biotechnology. He is currently working on three projects: the financialization of food, alternative food systems, and the global politics of everyday life. These projects inform broader theoretical questions regarding privatization and enclosure, the nature of value, theories of property, property rights and ownership, social conceptions of risk, the role of the state, the nature of regulation and public policy, and the role of social movements and local resistance.

Dr. Zerbe holds a BA in international relations and an MA in political science from Northern Arizona University. He holds a PhD in political economy from York University in Toronto. He was a Fulbright scholar in Germany in 2008.


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